Key Factors To Consider When Selecting Hair Straighteners

A hair straightener is one of the must-have tools in your hairdressing kit. As such, many factors have to be considered when selecting this item. Below are some of the key factors.

The Material

Hair straighteners are made from several materials, such as ceramic and titanium. Each of these is suitable for a different kind of person. For example, it is not advisable for you to buy a titanium hair straightener if your hair is thin. Thin hair can easily become damaged if it is straightened using a titanium hair straightener due to the high heat that these tools are capable of producing. Thin hair is better served by a ceramic straightener. Titanium hair straighteners are ideal for individuals whose hair is thick, frizzy and coarse.


Do not underestimate the physical demands of straightening your hair on a daily basis. Pick a straightener that is lightweight so that you won't feel sore after long sessions of straightening your hair. Hold different hair straighteners and get a feel of how heavy you will find them while caring for your hair. Pick the lightest.

Temperature Control

It is also advisable for you to select a hair straightener that comes equipped with a digital mechanism for controlling the temperature of the device. Temperature control will enable you to adjust the settings to suit different needs. For example, you can lower the temperature if you notice that your hair is dry after you went swimming and are unable to moisturise your hair before straightening it to rush for an appointment. Adjusting the temperature in such a situation will save your hair from being damaged by high heat.

Plate Size

Hair straighteners often differ in the width of their plates. Buy a hair straightener with the widest plates available so that the straightener will be useful for all styles of hair that you may have. Narrower plates can be time-consuming in some situations, such as when trying to straighten thick hair.

Digital Memory

Select a hair straightener that has a digital memory. Such a feature will save you from having to adjust the settings of that device each time you want to straighten your hair. The digital memory enables the hair straightener to save the settings that you input into the tool when you used it previously.

Visit several suppliers of hairdressing supplies so that you view the different hair straighteners which are available. 

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