Products to Include In Your Nightly Skin Care Regimen

As you advance in years, you may find it harder to maintain a fresh-looking complexion. The reason for the steady decline of your skin is due to a range of factors from lifestyle habits, dead skin cells, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and so much more. And although your skin is built to repair itself, some forms of skin damage makes it difficult for your cells to regenerate as fast as you would like. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you are destined to have a sallow complexion. And neither does it mean that you have to develop an expensive and complicated skin care routine to achieve a youthful complexion. If you are looking for a simple and straightforward skin care regimen that you could stick to as a nightly routine, here are two main products that you should invest in.

A gentle yet effective cleanser

One of the products that should always be in your beauty care arsenal is a good cleanser. The cardinal rule of healthy skin is making sure that you do not go to bed with a dirty ace. Facial cleansing becomes even more pertinent if you tend to wear makeup on a daily basis. However, do not simply reach for the cheapest cleanser on the shelves. Some cleansers may be too harsh as they are chockfull of chemicals that would dry your skin out. Using these cleansers will significantly worsen the state of your skin. Instead, look for a dermatologically tested product that is ideal for sensitive skin. A good, gentle cleanser will be capable of unclogging all the gunk in your pores without dehydrating your skin, which means a decreased risk of harm to your skin cells.

An easily absorbed moisturiser

The second product to incorporate into your nightly skin care regime is a moisturiser that is nutrient rich yet will not block your pores. A good moisturiser should have a light consistency that is easily absorbed into the skin. Moreover, with a good moisturiser, you do not need a huge dollop of it to hydrate your face efficiently. When picking out a moisturiser for your nighttime routine, there are a couple of ingredients that you should be on the lookout for. The first ingredient would be antioxidants, as these would help in getting rid of free radicals from your skin cells. The second ingredient to take note of is peptides, as it helps to reverse the effects of UV ray exposure and in effect slow down the ageing process by making your skin less vulnerable to wrinkles.

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